We have recently read about a disease that is spreading among the people of Haiti called Cholera. Many of you were deeply moved to know that the people of Haiti were still living in such bad conditions and were also infected with a disease. Learning about other parts of the world and how they are living not only makes us appreciate what we have but also creates in us a heart that wants to help others.

As we continue to learn about others around the world, I hope to see your focus and attitude change about your life and the lives of others.

The article this week is about the people in Africa and a disease they too are fighting. As you read this article, please think about how you would feel in their situations.
Please comment on the article. Bring out something about the article that interested you or that was surprising to you!
Think about these questions as you read...

1. What is Malaria?
2. How does in compare to Cholera?
3. Who are affected by Malaria?
4. Why do you think this disease does not exist in America?
5. How can people help the people in Africa?
6. If this is so serious, why do you think that more people don't do something to help?
7. Look at when this article was written. Do you think this article is considered current news? Why or why not? Do you think this is still a problem?

Now click on this article and read it.


Mama Berta holds her grandchild Beatrice who has had malaria twice.

Assignment Due: Friday January 28th at 2:00pm

Be sure to comment on the article and comment on another student's comment.

***Remember this Wednesday at 10:15 a.m., we will be skyping with Stacey Pool, a teacher in the Congo in Africa. Be thinking about the questions you want to ask her after reading this article.

A year ago this past Wednesday an earthquake hit Haiti and really devastated this country. An article was written in TIME FOR KIDS recently discussing this tragedy and explaining how this poor country is still trying to rebuild itself.
Read the article that is linked to this blog and leave a comment about what you read. Think about these questions when you read and comment:

1. How do you think the people of Haiti feel now a year later?
2.Why was the earthquake such a complete devastation to the country?
3.After a year, why do you think the country is STILL living in tents with rubble from the earthquake all around?
4.What other problems have risen up since the earthquake that are hurting the people of Haiti?
5. Why do you think those problems happened? 

 Also, feel free to post questions about what you read as well.

Here is Haiti on the map!
When you leave a comment, please make it about the article. It can answer a question I wrote above or be a surprising fact you learned. It can also be something you are thinking about or wondering, as well as a question you might have after reading the article. Put some thought into it!

Please be sure to also comment on another student's comment. Address the student and then leave the comment about what they have said.


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I hope everyone had a wonderful vacation and spent lots of quality time with your families! I know I did! One whole week in Texarkana, TX! Wowee! I am glad to be back!

We have a fun rest of the year left, but we also have a lot of work to do! Our Benchmark Exam is coming up in the middle of April, and it takes a lot of work to get ready for that! I know that each one of these students can do it if they really want to!
I am excited to spend the rest of the year with my precious Roberts family! I look forward to starting strong tomorrow! :)